Conference introduction

     Space Information Networks is a networking system that obtains, transfers and deals with spatial information in real time, whose carriers can be satellites, stratospheric airships, drones, and so on. It has been a worldwide research highlight due to its high-dynamic range on earth observation, wide-band real-time transporting together with reliable transmission in extra-long distance with a long time delay in deep space exploration, which broaden human explorations include science, culture and production activities into space(even deep space) and oceans.

      The academic forum of “Space Information Networks” is based on a major research project “Space Information Networks Basic Theory and Key Technology” started by National Natural Science Foundation of China in 2013. The forum aims at exploring the latest research progress and development tendency of Space Information Networks and the related areas. At the same time, by displaying the state-of-the-art techniques as well as academic achievements, the forum tries to build an academic exchange platform for researchers and industries concerned from home and abroad so that the field can be boosted. Many leading experts and scholars will be specially invited to the forum to give lectures.



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